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Our Work

Samples of past projects

Additive Manufacturing
Defense & Aerospace
Product Design
CNC Aircraft Component Production
High Temp Application (2)
High Temp Application
Electronic Assemblies
Electronic Assemblies
ELectronic enclosures
Electrical Enclosures
Key 7075 AL
Small assembly
Small AL 6065-T6
Mounting Plate
Mounting Plate
Delrin Vacum block
Delrin Vacuum Block
Palletized Workholding
Palletized Workholdings
High Production leaf Cup
High Volume 3D Printed Leaf Cup

National Stock Numbers (NSN's) for Product We have Built

Filter Assembly Electrical
5915-00-846-2880 (RME-F-0359)

Filter, High Pass- Low Pass
5959-01-209-6288 (RME-F-0069) (RME-F-0670)

Filter, Radio Frequency Interference
5915-00-729-0287 (RME-F-0061)
5915-01-107-0335 (RME-F-0093) RME-F-0399
5915-00-784-8695 (RME-F-0210)
5915-01-148-3296 (RME-F-0180)
5915-01-347-1580 (RME-F-0060)
5915-01-148-3295 (RME-F-0149)
5915-01-135-7891 (RME-F-0205)

Network, Circuit Protection
5915-01-303-5315 (RME-F-0068)

EMI Filter
5915-01-199-7087 (RME-F-0146)
5915-00-784-8695 (RME-F-0210)
5915-01-029-5938 (RME-F-0278)

Filter Frequency Power Supply
5915-01-052-6445 (RME-F-0384)
5915-00-356-5558 (RME-F-0107)
5915-00-485-5170 (RME-F-0103
5915-00-577-6164 (RME-F-0686)

Dummy Loads
5985-01-240-1228 (RME-U-0133)
5985-00-213-717 (RME-U-0055)

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